Sound Art Residency
São João Farm


The art residency São João takes place in a colonial farm built in the 19th century during the historic Brazilian “coffee period”. It is located in the north of the Rio de Janeiro state, about 3 hours drive from Rio.

I have participated of the third Somsocosmos Residency which hosted an international group of musicians, sound artists, researchers and therapeuts, living and working, together, offline, during two weeks.

Dynamics included discussions, improvisations, readings, recordings , dj sets, pirate radio transmission, workshops, yoga and live performances.

During the residency an open studios event was held for the local community, with concerts, videomaping, fire improvisation and local food. After the residency happened the Somsocosmos festival at Audio Rebel in Rio de Janeiro, with a series of concerts, DJ sets and live transmissions. Finally, a night of performances occupying a public space was organized in partnership with in São Paulo.

Curatorship and production: Antonio Sobral and Verónica Cerrotta
Jury: Antonio Sobral, Carla Boregas, Mari Romano and Verónica Cerrotta
Residents: Alexandra Jamieson (AR), Amber Cortés (EUA), Anderson Kaltner (BR), Andrew O’Connor (CA), Dwayne Kapula (ZI), Máximo Signorini (AR), Nia (EUA), Nicolás Gulluni (AR), Roberta Ainstein (AR), Vane Sacca (AR) e Watsun (EUA), Felipe Neiva (BR) and Belén Gomez de la Torre (PE)

In the Park is one of the songs that I’ve worked during the residency in collaboration with some participants.
Composition: Roberta Ainstein
Voice and melody: Margarita Gulian
Guitar: Nicolás Gulluni
Clarinet: Watsun
Percussion: Bruno Iasi